Electronic Engineering

Currently, we are able to buy anything we want using electronic money and pass through automatic gate without tickets.  All electronic devices used in a society regularly along with control systems for trains and cars are based on electronic engineering. Especially cars, which have electronic keys, and engine control systems, front panels and car navigation systems that all require electronic engineering. The "Hayabusa" unmanned spacecraft itself could not have safely returned to Earth without electronic engineering.

In the Department of Electronic Engineering, we study electronics widely as well as deeply from the point of view of Hardware and Software in computer science. Because students will master the leading edge technologies of the foundation of electronics, information and communications, we will produce graduates who will be able to succeed in a wide range of several types of companies not limited to electrical or electronics field.

Electronic technology is not just comprised of computers, the Internet, or smartphones, but includes a wide field supporting all of society, including trains, cars, airplanes, transportation systems, robots, disaster prevention communications, medical services, even to space. Without electronic engineering, society would not function.

Going forward what kinds of graduates will be produced at the Department of Electronic Engineering, and how will they then contribute to society? Future electronics technicians and researchers must gain an understanding of electronics and computer science, including both hardware and software. They will study the foundations of electronics, information, communications, expand that to mastering the leading edge technologies, and in turn will be able to develop the next generation of new electronic engineering. The Department of Electronic Engineering will cultivate and nurture those kinds of students.

The Department of Electronic Engineering has structured the program to connect new technology and development that will support future society.