Computer Engineering

Society has become such that we cannot do without information machines and systems, such as hand-held devices and information networks. In April, 2013, we established the Department of Computer Engineering with a strengthened Information Engineering faculty, and going forward we will study a wider field of information engineering. Further, through experiments and practical training, we will experience the joy of "Software Monozukuri."

The objectives of the Department of Computer Engineering are to nurture engineers and researchers who will expend effort into educational research of the following three areas:
1) "Information processing" that produces content necessary for information systems,
2) "Network systems" that safely and reliably communicate information, such as in multimedia format, and
3) "Embedded systems," which develop software that controls electrical appliances and every type of device that supports comfortable lifestyle.
Thus, these engineers and researchers will be put to practical use within society.

Regarding staff, we have recruited a wide-ranging team of faculty who have worked at the front lines of each respective field. Further, our classes consist not just of lectures but also information engineering experiments and laboratory projects, where you can experience hands-on information engineering education. From this we are able to cultivate personnel resources rich in humanity with a wide range of information engineering knowledge and practical capability, coupled with problem solving ability. In addition, we support national and qualification examinations.