Materials and Applied Chemistry

The Department of Materials and Applied Chemistry was founded in 1938, thus possesses a long history of over 70 years. Chemicals that improve the quality of life, chemicals that protect the Earth’s environment, and the research content have all been developed in response to each era’s requirements. The faculty play an important role not only as university researchers, but also by serving at the front line in corporations and national and local public agencies as talented members that possess "field sense," and who proudly serve by researching the world-class, leading edge technology.

A strong effort is made to ensure that basic knowledge and technique are rigorously studied and attained by students from the first year onwards.
The content of basic subjects are expanded further into a detailed iterative learning system that aims for complete understanding and confirms the degree of understanding of Materials and Applied Chemistry.
Moreover, based upon that fundamental ability and having the goal of developing new concepts, new materials and technologies, students select from a large number of specialized subjects, then study those subject matched with their respective requirements.
The Department of Materials and Applied Chemistry has always responded to the needs of the time, preparing specialized courses including wide-ranging fields from "materials," "life," "resources," to "environment." In order to cultivate "chemical engineering technicians" who graduate into society and can thrive with adaptable fighting potential, we place our effort into "independent creation" and "practical・experimental" that enhances the ability to discover problems and capability to find solutions.
The distinction of the Department since it’s founding is that all class levels conduct full experiments and can closely experience the excitement of chemistry, where theory and phenomena are fully linked.