Physics is universal. The Department of Physics offers an undergraduate program leading to a wide range of academic and professional careers. Our students are expected to gain an understanding of physics through classes and experiences in undergraduate research and then learn to apply it in corporations and educational/research institutions that form society’s foundation.

Because physics is the foundation of all sciences and engineering, the primary goal of learning would be acquiring the basic physics knowledge. Therefore, we have a curriculum to nurture logical students’ thinking, while they also master fundamental mathematics and experimental processes. Students gain understanding of the basic laws of physics from daily training, and reinforce their comprehension through laboratory exercises. Junior year students are required to register for the comprehensive class on fundamental subjects of physics in their second semester.

As physics serves as a foundation for modern society, our graduates excel in a wide range of fields.
Our system has seven streams, providing precise instruction and career development services to match with our students’ desired career paths:
1) the academics, 2) the engineer, 3) the IT engineer, 4) the civil service, 5) the scholastic career, 6) the literary models and for journalists and analysts in the literary field, 7) and the physics educators.

Dynamics, physical mathematics, electro-magnetics, quantum mechanics, statistical physics, and practical training classes are organized as core subjects.
Students are streamed into 6 small groups according to their physics proficiency and individual needs.
Students have the opportunities for individual and team practical exercises to enable them to develop independent research abilities.

In addition to the core subjects, students will have opportunities to specialize in advanced topics of physics such as fusion science/ plasma science/ solid-state physics/ condensed-matter physics/ particle physics/ astronomy/ astrophysics/ non-linear physics/ information science/ history of science and will be exposed to frontier research topics through seminar and research projects.