Since the founding of the Department of Architecture in 1920, we have built a solid reputation upon our achievements, serving as one of the leading universities within the history of Japanese architectural and engineering education. The graduates have succeeded in the building industries, research institutes, public offices, as well as in several other architectural fields. The faculty consists of specialists in the fields of structural, construction and environmental engineering, and architectural design and planning. Department has developed an educational curriculum to deepen and refine the expertise needed in the various fields of study with different disciplines.

After comprehensive basic study over the first two years, students select majors in one of the following courses to acquire the advanced knowledge and skills in their junior year:

1. Architecture Course: to study subjects primarily consisting of architectural environment and building equipment, structure, production and construction management, and to improve knowledge and skills related to architectural and urban design and planning.
2. Project Management Course: to study subjects primarily consisting of architectural project and development, preservation, maintenance and management.

No matter which of these two courses is selected, students will have the opportunity to study and acquire the knowledge of a first class Kenchikushi (qualified architects and building engineers). In addition to class lectures, students have the opportunity to enhance understanding and improve skills through all types of experimental tests regarding materials, structures and environments and training of design drafting. The approach to drafting and design education is oriented to the practice-based phased methodology, as evidenced by the teaching staff, consisting of architects and previous graduates now actively working in the forefront of architectural society. In addition, through the overseas programs and workshops organized every year, the department provides an opportunity where students can gain an international perspective and way of thinking.

For the future of the graduates, there are several alternatives to become architects, engineers or real estate planners and developers. The department provides all the necessary knowledge, skill and technology to students for supporting their career development.