Town Planning and Design

"Machi (Town and Community)" defines that certain place where everyone spends their daily lives. Because it is such a personal kind of place, everyone has different expectations of what "Machi" is.

For example, some want to make it a cozy place, others want an attractive one, while others hope for somewhere promising safety and security, or a place friendly toward people and the environment, etc.

However, in order to fulfill these diverse expectations, it is necessary to sort through various knowhow and processes through the work of Machizukuri. In addition, expert knowledge and skilled techniques along with certifications will be required.

The Department of Town Planning and Design is a new Department that responds to these diverse social needs. Within the Department of Town Planning and Design, a coursework program is provided in which "specialist skills," "technical skills" and "knowledge necessary for certifications" can be acquired in order to meet the expectations for everyone's Machi. That learning results in the cultivation of human resources (City Planners and Urban Designers) who can contribute to the social needs facing those Machi, such as a welcoming or comforting capability, enjoyment and improvements in safety.

We can nurture the idea that happiness can be achieved, not only for the individual self, but for everyone living in that Machi.

As an academic field covering the diverse living spaces ranging from rural farms, mountainous regions and fishing villages abundant in natural resources, to valleys and urban centers called Machi, the theme of study is "Comprehensive Town Planning and Community Design" that explores beauty, enjoyment, and safety and assurance.

With regards to curriculum, the design of facilities of Machi, and the acquisition of knowledge needed for qualification examinations is covered within the "Engineering Subject Cohort." The "Management Subject Cohort" allows for the balanced study of four groups: starting with legal system and urban management (Comprehensive course), Machi scenic landscape preservation and development (Landscape Science course), creating Machi where anyone would want to visit (Tourism Studies course), and creating people-friendly Machi development (Welfare Science course).

Further, we offer a "Machizukuri Workshop" that fosters a Machizukuri vision in line with citizens, and nurture such practical capability as mastering attractive space design skills through "Comprehensive Town Planning and Community Design Coursework."