The Department of Mathematics offers a wide variety of courses designed for individual students to achieve their personal goals, while also preparing them to approach and manage the various demands of modern society. Approximately 30% of the graduates of the Department specialize in computer science, while the remainder continues their advanced mathematics studies to later become teachers at the junior and/or senior high school levels, or engage in other professions.

The primary aim of our Department activities is to help students improve their fundamental mathematical abilities. For this purpose, we divide the lectures and exercises in fundamental subjects into two classes to enable close instruction. Special programs for students planning to become school teachers are also offered.

Senior students are divided into small groups, each specialized in an active area of mathematics: algebra, geometry, analysis or applied mathematics.
Supervised by a specialist in the area, students come to learn in a natural way how to study mathematics independently.
In the area of computer science, we offer lectures on various aspects of computer science starting from computer fundamentals through advanced levels, conducted in an excellent computer environment.